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Three on Thursday!

Written By: Aimee Byrd - Jan• 23•14

This is my third post today, and I typically only post three times a week. What can I say, walking on the wild side! I have to links to share with you.

First, here is an update on the debate with Dr. James White that is airing tonight, For Whom Did Christ Die? If you would like to watch a live stream of it tonight at 9:00 PM, you can view it here.

Secondly, William Hill, from Greenville Seminary’s Confessing Our Hope podcast, has interviewed me on my book, Housewife Theologian. Take a listen here. They are giving away a free book!

I feel like I should have a third thing for my third post on Thursday. So I will tell you to stay tuned tomorrow for my review of Mark Jones’s new book, Antinomianism.

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  1. I just manage one post per week it seems on my two blog. I subscribed to William Hill’s “Confession Our Hope” and look forward to listening to your interview next week from my car. I will get back here to comment.


    • I listened to the podcast on my way to work and on my way home. Aimee, you are so relaxed in the interview. It sounds like you are in the same room as Wm. Hill, but do you travel for these interviews in the winter, or is there some other arrangement?

      What I loved so much is how you said that we have JOY with a proper theology, even as we take up our cross. (Something like this.)


      • Aimee Byrd says:

        Thank you, Carol. That particular interview was done by Skype. They are in South Carolina. William and I talked for a while before the interview, which probably made the interview itself sound a little more relaxed. I am so pleased about the responses I am getting from the men who read my book.

        Hugs back!

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