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The Gospel Interrupting the Ordinary

Vulnerable Strength

Do you have someone in your life that you think of as strong? Of course you do, I can think of at least a handful of people I look up to for their strength. Whether in the church, family, or in business, they are usually in some sort of leadership position. They are the ones […]

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Strength to Prevail

Think of someone in your life that you revere as strong. They may be someone you would like to emulate; someone who seems to face each circumstance in their life with courage and vitality; someone who you may not even pray for much because, well, they’re strong. I received a prayer request from a person just […]

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Finding Our Strength

I think we spend much wasted time trying to protect the identity of our weaknesses—even from our own selves. I’m not suggesting that we wear them on our sleeve, unloading on every person who asks us how we’re doing. But perhaps we need to get real with ourselves and be honest about the image that […]

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