Housewife Theologian

The Gospel Interrupting the Ordinary

A Bigger Circle of Influence Than You May Think

Last night I hosted a Housewife Theologian group for my church. We covered Chapter 7; on the responsibility God has given each one of us in our differing vocations as influencers. This morning as I was thinking about our discussion, I remembered Diana Lynn Severance’s wonderful book, Feminine Threads. This is a fascinating book about […]

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Reading Reflection:

Feminine Threads, Diana Lynn Severance (Christian Focus, 2011) There are so many awesome women shared in this book (along with some characters).  I wanted to pass on a bit of wisdom from America’s first English poet, Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672).  Anne and her husband, who was the governor of Massachusetts at this important time, had eight […]

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