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Up For Debate?

Written By: Aimee Byrd - Jan• 23•14

An interesting debate has been brought to my attention from the folks over at Alpha and Omega Ministries:

On January 24, 2014 Dr James White (Alpha & Omega Ministries) will debate Dr Michael Brown (Line of Fire radio) live at 9 PM, US EST on the topic For Whom Did Christ Die ?
On the following night, January 25, 2014, Dr. White and Dr. Brown will debate live the topic Has the Gift of Healing Ceased in Our Present Age? at the same time slot.

Revelation TV is hosting the event. Here is a link to the promo. If I can figure out all the technological details, I will be streaming the debates live here at Housewife Theologian.

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  1. Tiribulus says:

    They already debated this though this should still be interesting.
    There is not now nor could there EVER be even one soul in hell who got there by overcoming God’s best efforts at their salvation.

  2. N. Gendy says:

    I, too, will also not be going to bed at a reasonable time in order to watch these debates as well.

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