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There is actually a church with a sign similar to this in my town. Except it’s worse. It says, “Apply Sonscreen to prevent sinburn.” I don’t think there is any commentary needed. Simply look at the category I filed this under. Talk amongst yourselves.           But…as I was looking for a […]

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“Long Hair Freaky People Need Not Apply”*

Some church signs seem to have become equivalent to the placard signs homeowners proudly stake in their front yards, or the bumper stickers that accessorize motor vehicles with philosophical one-liners. I find many of them tacky (although some are amusing), and have dissected the theological implications of a few. Rosaria Champagne Butterfield spends a couple […]

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Our Living Resume*

I’ve been giving bad church signs a hard time lately—as I should. There’s a huge part of me that wants to march into some of these churches and talk with who is responsible. You know, ask them a few questions about the message they are trying to send, and the actual message that I am […]

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Here’s Your Sign

Well it happened again. There I was, innocently driving my car,  only to come face to face with another bad church sign. Here is what the latest offender said: “Pray” is a four-letter word that you can’t say in public school. Really? Let’s get our facts straight before we put them on our church signs. […]

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There seems to be an epidemic going around. Lately it seems that if I’m running out of writing material, all I have to do is go for a ride. Inevitably, I am appalled at yet another bad church sign. And I’m not looking for them—they find me! Usually, it’s when I’m on my way to […]

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Does God Need Mothers?

So I was on my way to my Tuesday morning Bible study this week with a lot on my mind. Lately, I feel like I’ve been waking up in the morning to a new game show wondering, “What obstacles are going to be hurled my way today? And in what new ways am I going […]

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Who’s the One Dying?

The other day, I drove past a horrible church sign.  In big, black letters it read: BE AN ORGAN DONOR, GIVE JESUS YOUR HEART. It made me sad.  First of all, organ donors have something good to give to someone in desperate need.  This sign in front of an evangelical church insinuates we are a […]

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Isn’t that Nice?

Have you heard this one: It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice?  It sounds like a good adage.  I always find myself training my children in the art of niceness.  It’s, “be nice,” or, “that isn’t very nice!”  Nice is mannerly.  Mannerly is important.  But it’s more important to be […]

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Hold the Cheese, Please!

On our way to church last week, we stopped behind a car with this bumper-sticker: God recycles.  He made man out of the dust. Really?  That’s our witness?  A cheesy idiom that will win over the environmentalists?  Will it? Maybe they were environmentalist, chastising wastefulness.  If this was the case, I think it would have been […]

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